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Mostrando postagens com marcador crafts. Mostrar todas as postagens

diy capa de feltro para kindle

capa feita em casa para kindle usando feltro artesanal.

foi feito sob medida para este modelo de aparelho. foi cortado com tesoura e depois costurado à máquina. a aba protege e evita que deslize. o corte no envelope facilita o manuseio.

este feltro de lã natural foi comprado em uma loja em nova york, eua. gostaria muito de saber de um fornecedor local para este material. quem souber onde encontrar, deixe um recado pelo formulário de contato. valeu!

gifts for a new shop

my friend has opened a new shop today of her brownie brand in sp. i brought two handmade gifts. one was a blue clock (to match with the colour coding of the logo) made with a scalloped cake tin. the other was a succulent in a milk ceramic jar with some ribbons. she loved them! good :)

my yellow pannier bag

last year, i did a small trip from chuí (rio grande do sul, brazil) to montevideo (uruguay)... by bike! yaaay! around 350 kilometers, wow... and i had sewn my own pannier bag. many first things in life in a single journey.

i posted on superziper the tutorial on how to do your own pannier bag (or alforje, in portuguese). click here to read and see all the details, measures, etc

toy hospital

i bought this vintage clown - palhaço peralta da estrela - for a baby but first i decided to renovate it. i bought a special paste for cleaning plastic, which made a good and visible difference. today, i scanned the image and redraw it on photoshop. i did some colour changes and removed the pompoms. but i also pasted a real metal bell on his collar, as a necklace. very cute. parents loved it. i hope the baby will love it too...

striped ecobag

this is my new ecobag for shopping groceries! i just made it at the mountain view library, during a sewing workshop. the idea was to convert old t-shirts into aprons, ecobags and later to use the scraps for wristbands. i used a striped tank top i bought for us$1,60 at the gap. i just had to adjust the length, sew the bottom part and do a folding on the sides (see last picture). very happy with it!

cloths and handkerchiefs

new acquisitions from the monthly bazar organized by a charity institution. i don't know what i like more: the items it selves or their names in english (handkerchief is so cool! cloth too). from this lot, my favorite one is the little boat on the waves, done in cross stitch. there's a small hole in the fabric, so probably i'll cut the drawing and applied it somewhere else. the green cloth is six pieces of linen napkins. still thinking on what to do with them - good quality material.

necklace holder

i glued this knob at the door of my wardrobe (on the inside) to hold my long necklaces. i'm into this kind of necklace but they easily become a mess if you don't hang them well. the cute detail is that i painted a kitty on it! a quick and useful diy for the weekend.

what's in my bag

1. green bag | the strap is not the original one, my idea to change for a longer one in a different colour
2. hello kitty purse | gift from my friend renata (blog)
3. uk flag card holder | gift from my mom, i use it to keep my underground ticket and bilhete unico
4. plastic bag with nice zipper | from daiso
5. mobile phone
6. wallet | gift from my friend bal (site)
7. ear phones on a spool | diy at superziper
8. lipbalm | gift from my friend nikki (shop)
9. business card holder | diy at superziper

rice for wedding

i prepared some small packs of rice for the wedding of my friends renata and joao. as a good bridesmaid i couldn't forget to do it. they were totally surprised, not expecting, which makes the act even better...

vintage books

bought those two vintage craft publications on a church charity shop in my neighbourhood. one is a german burda magazine from 1979, about crochet. i like the patterns and i may use them for cross stitch. the small book (painting wooden boxes - originally neue spanschachteln) is written in portuguese, also from the 70's, but it is translated from german, i think. author is agnes gaensslen.

newspaper base

those are the items i prepared at the "tridimensional newspaper" workshop last sunday, at sesc pompeia. i was riding around town with my bike and decided to stop by there, when i found out they would have a session starting in 30 minutes. without doubt, i joined it and enjoyed it, what a good surprise. laura teixeira, the teacher, had a good eye for things. she spotted the silver adhesive tape the street vendors use and found out the place where they are sold. in this workshop, we just used newspaper and those tapes to create tridimensional objects. as i had a baby shower in the afternoon, i used it as a theme for the things i produced: a pacifier and a car shaped bag for the gift i bought. ni♥ i did for nina, the sister of the baby to come!

beads necklace

amazing and impressive work made by people in colombia: beads and necklaces. no words to describe. pitcures taken in downtown bogotá. click to see the details.

crocheted stool

new diy project at superziper: how to cover a basic stool with a crocheted doily. this one is now in use in my bathroom, the colours matched perfectly and it is a great place to put towels, clothers, etc. see more at superziper

plastic charms

scrapbook is not an invention. collages are among us since a long time... i remember when we received letters by post. my family from argentina used to send thank you notes or invitations with plastic charms glued on them. opening a letter and finding one of those inside was equivalent to win a special prize! some had things written on them or were specially designed for occasions like 15th birthday, a new baby and weddings. nice to find out those things still exist. not in brazil, but in colombia. look how many! wonderful...

new post-its and tapes

i was invited for the launch of a new line of products from 3m. they soon will sell in brazil the desired washi tapes in several colours and patterns. they also produced new colours for post-its and scotch tapes. the event was organized on a store at praça benedito calixto and they decorated the place with ideas that i want to do at home.

favorite buttons

found a place for six special - and favorite - buttons. better saying, i did it myself. the frame came from a charity house, paid less than one dollar for it. originally, it was an old french painting reproduction, which i covered with fabric. more about the tutorial here

twine for packaging

this small pack of red and blue twines (2 meters each) will be available at the superziper stall next weekend, at the ógente bazar. they are great for packaging, especially now for christmas season!

heart cross stitch

this cushion with a pink heart made in maxi cross stich was specially prepared for revista casa & jardim, editora globo.

their team came home to shoot a video teaching the step by step how-to. you can watch the tutorial here. there are also other two projects on the video. worth watching!


that's me, in june or july i think, filming for a pernambucanas contest. the winner was flavia and she lives in campinas, sao paulo. we drove to the city to do a revamp in her bedroom. we also did some shots at the store in the shopping mall nearby. here's the final video showing the before and after.

spring pompom

joining the spring pompom challenge #pompomdeprimavera, from superziper. check the how-to here.